Tips of the Month

Creative Use of Plastic Containers

Think of creative ways to re-use plastic containers. For instance, try cutting the bottom off pop bottles and removing the caps. Partially bury the cap end down in the soil next to your favorite garden plant. The container makes a great water reservoir to provide a consistent source of water to your plants.


Buy Products with Refillable Containers

Buy products with refillable containers. Water may be purchased at many grocery stores in larger bottles that are refillable. Another product that I personally use is Downy fabric softener. Refills are available in a cardboard container so you can reuse the plastic container over and over.


Use Re-Usable Shopping Bags

Use re-useable shopping bags. Many stores sell these for a nominal cost and give you a refund on your bill each time you use these bags.


Using Minimal Packaging

When shopping, use products with minimal packaging. Packaging that can be recycled is a better choice also.


Recycling Plastic Containers

SORT the plastic containers by type. Look at the bottom of the container for the code. This code was developed by the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) to help people identify the type of resin in each container. The six most common resins are marked and classified according to their ‘melt’ rate. Please recycle in the recycle bin marked for the particular container you are recycling.


Recycling Plastic Bottles

Remove caps from bottles BEFORE recycling them. Bottle caps are made of a different quality of plastic and cannot be recycled at this time. Removing them also makes it easier to crush the bottles. Make sure containers are not too dirty or contaminated with residue. Rinse out if they are.


Commercial Carwashes

Use commercial carwashes to wash your vehicles. Your car collects road residue when driven. This residue contains oils and hard metals that wash down the storm drains when you wash the car in your yard or driveway. The soapy water you’re rinsing away may also contain pollutants. Most commercial car washes have water-recycling systems that filter the used water and re-use it. Also, less water is typically used because commercial carwashes have high-pressure hoses that use less water, AND they have more control over the amount of water used.



Instant Cold Drinking Water

Storing a pitcher of water in the refrigerator gives you instant cold drinking water instead of wasting 2-3 gallons waiting for the tap water to turn cold. If you prefer pure water, purchase a water-filtering system or appliance such as a filtering pitcher or faucet attachment. By using tap water, we save depleting our fresh spring water streams, saving eco-systems, plus we add the benefit of not producing waste through purchasing of plastic water bottles.